Companies that Don’t Drug Test

by admin on April 30, 2012

You may be looking for companies that don’t drug test because you are afraid that you will be positive in case they require it. Although it has been a common practice in the workplace, there are still companies who do not require drug testing as part of the pre-employment qualifications. However, there are only very few of them. This means that you will limit your choices on these handful employers. The best thing to do is still to stop taking drugs. It is the only way for you to land on your dream job.

Drug testing in the workplace is very common. This is a requirement of many organizations to prevent the entry of drug users in their company. Drug use has been associated with increased violence in the workplace, increased absenteeism and decreased in productivity. These are the reasons why employers do not want drug users to penetrate their organization. They are considered as liabilities in the company that can ruin its operation. If you are the employer investing so much money, you will definitely understand why there are only very few companies that don’t drug test. It is for the organization’s own good.

If you are really desperate to find companies that don’t drug test, you can try the food and beverage industries. Hotel based, free standing and fast food restaurants do not require it in the pre-employment screening. This is because they do not find it critical in the operation of the company. If you plan to work in risky jobs, then you have to pass the drug testing requirement. Drivers, pilots and mechanics need mandatory drug testing before they can go to work. You will never be accepted in these types of work if you fail the test.

If you cannot find companies that don’t drug test and you still wish to continue with the requirement, there are ways on how to test negative despite your drug use. According to some claims, you can dilute your urine specimen by drinking a lot of water few days before the actual testing. There are also substances that can be taken to interfere with the reaction of the specimen with the reagents. For others, they purchase chemical additives to tamper the urine. Lastly, you can ask another person to collect for you. But as a word of caution, the laboratory analyst will have his eyes on you. In fact, they may even supervise you during the actual specimen collection. This is the standard operating procedure. They have thought these steps long before you have conceptualized your tricks. Therefore, you have to be very careful when doing these things.

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